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Gourmet Marshmallows and Quality Confections



Happily Handmade was a company born of love, necessity and creativity. In 2020 while the world changed for all of us, it was a special change for our family. We received a special needs diagnosis for my son Carter. He is the most loving and sweet boy who faces a mountain of challenges. While navigating therapies we found we needed a super soft sensory treat to use as a reinforcer. I set to work using my Pastry Chef background and knowledge to create a sensory treat that would help and what we created was magic. These marshmallows created a full body and mind calming experience for Carter that I was tickled pink to see. From there he asked “Mommy, can you make it taste like Cotton Candy? How about Sour Patch Kids?”. From this point Happily Handmade was born to share this awesome treat with anyone who was willing to try it! I hope you love them as much as we do!  

What makes our marshmallows gourmet is every step of the process. From choosing cane sugar, spices, and flavors to the Ontario grass fed certified Halal beef gelatin our ingredients make our marshmallows unique. Add in our packaging process which keeps the marshmallows soft and melt in your mouth in texture and you have an elevated and decadent treat.


 London Ontario Canada


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